Ticket created but no data found in database. (might be error between ticket number creation and database insertion)


Our network applications team have developed an

add-on to a network monitoring tool that will alert us
via e-mail if a certain network link went down. The
current application can show downtime records of a
particular link(the time it went down/up). The
downtime reports being generated by the application
are rather precise, but we have discussed that it
would be nice if we can add notes to a particular
downtime period so that we can justify that the link
is really having trouble that particular time(e.g, it
is experiencing intermittence).

Having been said so, we have agreed that we will
integrate this application to rt3, such that when a
link went down, it will automatically create a ticket
by sending email to rt3’s receiving email address. And
vice versa, the application will automatically close
the ticket(manually by changing the status field in
rt’s database).

The current setup looks like this: rt’s web pages
together with the network monitoring tools(mrtgv) are
contained on one machine(appserver), while its
database(postgresql) is being accessed on another

The process looks like this:

appserver will send email to rt’s receiving email upon
down link detection, then rt will reply to appserver’
s email address, now mrtgv will parse this reply so
that it can create a link to this ticket into rt’s web

This setup works fine, we can access the ticket via
this link(after being authenticated), but one time, we
encountered an error after clicking a link which
displays an rt ticket number 663 saying:

X RT Error
Could not load ticket 663

We have verified that the ticket doesn’t really exists
in the database.

Do you have any idea why and when this error

We are guessing that the error happened during the
time rt is parsing the email it receives, such that it
has created a ticket number(auto increment I guess)
without inserting any data associated to that ticket
number or even validated if it already has inserted
any data to the database. Or could this be a network
problem where the dbserver is temporarilly
unreacheable by appserver? No data to prove this yet.

What’s mysterious about this is that rt has
returned a ticket number(663) to mrtgv but that ticket
number doesn’t really exists in the database. How is
this possible? Any idea?

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