Ticket Approval Code

Hi all,

I’ve recently got RT3 working after management decided we needed a workflow
system again (previously used RT2) and we really want to use the Approval
system but i’m a bit confused on exactly how to set it up.

Here is my situation.

We have One Queue called Webdev - this has both an e-mail gateway and web
interface attached to it - what we want is that if someone create’s a ticket
via either of these methods, it goes to one (or two?) users Approval (and
e-mail this user(s)) to let them know about the new ticket requiring
approval - once this user(s) has logged into RT to approve the ticket, I’d
like it to e-mail an address to say that there is a new ticket to work on.

Is there anyway in which I can do this - could anyone explain to me step by
step how it is possible (or just give me the code for it or something
similar that I can look at?).

Any help is appreciated.


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