The specified template is missing or inaccessable

This is just one for the archives… detailing how we solved a problem…

The error message we were getting was

" The specified template is missing or inaccessable.
However, the custom content which was supposed to fill the template was:"

We had set
$ chmod 755 /usr/local/rt/etc/templates/queues/EduTech/*
$ chown rt:rt /usr/local/rt/etc/templates/queues/EduTech/*

with the

Settings in our, so why was it that rt couldn’t find the templates I hear you ask?!?

Well I believe that we may have not have created the rt user before making the install files. So I’m gonna suggest that on install rt may get the uid of the user and use that to set the user it runs as at compile time.
So I changed to the rt install directory and did a
$ make upgrade

and this completely fixed out problems…

Hope that helps someone out there!

-Dan McLean