The AttachmentsIndex table


It just took 19 hours to restore a RT 4.4.4 db dump to a MariaDB 10.1.40 master-slave replication environment. Ten hours in, an “ALTER TABLE AttachmentsIndex ENABLE KEYS” query on the master changed state from “Repair by sorting” to “Repair with keycache” and the log had this warning:
[Warning] Warning: Enabling keys got errno 28 on rt4.AttachmentsIndex, retrying

QUESTION #1: Is it safe to exclude the AttachmentsIndex table from RT4 backups? Indexing adds over 70GB to the server and we don’t necessarily need the index backed-up if it can be re-created.

This post suggests removing “AttachmentsIndex” and re-running “rt-setup-fulltext-index” could be problematic, at least on Postgres:

QUESTION #2: Is there a bug with creating an InnoDB-type AttachmentsIndex table on MariaDB 10.1.x? “mysql> show engines” shows InnoDB is supported, and the docs say the table gets created as InnoDB for versions of MariaDB which support it, but it gets created as MyISAM and rt-setup-fulltext-index outputs this:

“Complete support for full-text search requires MySQL 5.6 or higher. For prior
versions such as yours, full-text indexing can either be provided using MyISAM
tables, or the external Sphinx indexer…”