That ticket has unresolved dependencies

At some point, our RT server “lost” dependencies between tickets in the
WWW user interface. This has irritated me, but we have lived with it for
a few weeks. Now for the first time, this seems to hit us: one of the
users can not close a ticket because RT reports:


 * Status: That ticket has unresolved dependencies

But… in the user interface there are no dependencies whatsoever, the
relationships box is empty…

We are running a relatively small RT3.0.9 installation (~6000 tickets
from 2 years) on a debian GNU/Linux system with mysql on myisam tables.
I am an absolute dummy in mysql management. I just ran myisamchk, it
complained about all tables that they were usable but needed repair;
however, the dependency problem did not go away after a repair round.

Where do I look next?

Rob Hooft

Rob W.W. Hooft || || Rob