Text display of html messages

An awful lot of the messages we receive are generated by Outlook and
Entourage users. The kind of HTML these applications output is well known,
and the very fact that after being parsed I actually see anything as
"text/plain" is good enough. A much needed improvement would be for RT to
remove extraneous blank lines and force wrapping at the window width
specified in my preferences dialog. Right now, after 10-15 message
exchanges, with the requestor quoting everything on reply, I get

  1. Tens if not hundreds of

    with the text wrapped at 72 chars,
    no matter how many > > > characters precede it. That is an > and a space
    for every reply, which after 10 replies leave room for only 52 characters on
    a line

  2. Long lines that don’t wrap, either displayed as
     or with every space
    turned into   making the text painful to read
    Any hints on where I should look to change the HTML->text conversion

Thank you

As an example of such a RT conversation, I just noticed one reply in this
very forum, which is simply unreadable: