Testing 4.0.0rc5 - experiences upgrading from 3.6.4 on RHEL6


I am looking at the hung response issue. for the Location error
you are getting, please update the apache config to use … instead of <Directory /opt/rt4/share/html>.

I’ve only been able to reproduce the hung issue when setting the
apache to have only one worker, and when the response finally
came out, i see the login page’s “time to display” being
something normal, like 0.09 secs, so that means the congestion
happened in apache or the modperl glue somehow.

In your case, does the page eventually came out rendered at all,
like after 5min?

and can you see if it makes any difference if you change around line
222 of RT::Interface::Web::Handler from:

my $h = RT::Interface::Web::Handler::NewHandler(

my $h = RT::Interface::Web::Handler::NewHandler(