Terminological query - 'Requestor'

I have a slight issue or query regarding the term ‘Requestor’. It seems
from our point of view that this can be a slightly misleading term in the
following instance:

We have a role address (lets call it ‘support’) which has a queue of a
matching name. When queries come in to this address the Requestor is
indeed an appropriate term for the person who submits that first email and
to whom correspondance but not comments to that ticket get directed.

However we also have a need to create tickets where support initiates the
email conversation. We can do this by setting the ‘Requestor’ to be the
person to whom we wish to direct the email, causing their replies to be
correctly associated with the ticket as we desire. However 'Requestor’
doesn’t seem an appropriate name in that circumstance and there is some
concern that naiive users might become confused if they access these
tickets via the web.

Would ‘Correspondant’ not be a better term?

I can see that changing it might be a bit of a trauma, but it might be
worth considering nevertheless.

Alternatively if someone can suggest an alternate way of addressing this
particular need, I’m all ears.




Have you had a look at how RT3 deals with internationalization? For each
language, a file lets you map the original strings to the translated ones.