Template Image attachments/embed RT5

so, we’re trying to set up an email signature for the company via template. it appears that templates do not support email attachments for images. has anyone gotten anything like this working in RT5?

What if you add RT-Attach-Message: yes to the headers of the template

that’s added by default to correspondence-html.

to clarify, it’s a signature for all correspondence messages.

How’re you attaching the attachment?

i have no idea how. that’s why i’m asking lol.

Oh lol, I’d suggest hosting the image somewhere public and then just linking to it with a <img src="..."> tag!

well, we tried that. jsut using the logo off our website. maybe email doesn’t like SVG?

Can you look at the HTML source in your mail client to see if the HTML img element is present?

yeah, it was, jsut the image didn’t load. i’ll try and see if i can’t get it hosted as a jpg on some unlinked subsite of our website. we self host 99% of our stuff, so it’s not an issue.