SV: RT and Mail Gateway

Thank you for the help - following your advise everything now works.

I had forgotten to put the pipe at the beginning of the line in aliases.


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----Fra: Greg Smythe []
Sendt: 7. april 2002 21:18
Til: Ole Schelde;
Emne: RE: [rt-users] RT and Mail Gateway

In your /etc/aliases you need a pipe at the beginning, that’s why
is trying to write to a file instead of ‘prog’…

Example, here is an entry in mine:

abuse : "|/usr/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue abuse --action correspond"
abuse-comment: “|/usr/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue abuse --action

Also, make sure you have an entry in /etc/smrsh:

[greg@support greg]$ ls -l /etc/smrsh
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 Oct 23 19:07 rt-mailgate ->

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