SV: I just can't figure out how to get the values frommycustom fields!

Please forget my "odd problem #1)
Scrip “condition” and “preparation code” is - of course - executed before the transaction and “cleanup code” after the transaction - sorry about that!

Anyway, the problem about getting the CF values on ticket transactions still remains - even from the cleanup code :wink:

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Brian Kjelin Olsen
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Sendt: 6. marts 2007 01:30
Til: Stephen Turner;
Emne: SV: [rt-users] I just can’t figure out how to get the values frommycustom fields!

Hi Steve

I did try your code example with enthusiasm but still there weren’t any
I did notice 2 odd things (well… odd to me at least).

  1. The scrip is executed in the same moment when the user press comment,
    reply, etc. This is just before the ticket transaction custom fields are
    presented and that is for sure a reason why I never get any values! I
    really wonder why the scrip is executed (before?) the transaction?!? I

  2. The scrip part “Custom action cleanup code” wasn’t executed. I can’t
    figure out why, but suddenly it did execute that action part again. I’m
    sure that I must have done something wrong - but shouldn’t it only be
    from the condition part you can control whether to execute both action
    parts or not? It really doesn’t matter too much to me. It just seems
    odd, and odd was what I was looking for.

It seems that is was “still close but no cigar” :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway!

  • Brian

-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Stephen Turner [mailto:sturner@MIT.EDU]
Sendt: 5. marts 2007 19:34
Til: Brian Kjelin Olsen;
Emne: Re:[rt-users] I just can’t figure out how to get the values from
mycustom fields!

It looks like you’re pretty close -

will give you an ObjectCustomFieldValues
collection object - each member of the collection
is an ObjectCustomFieldValue object. You can
iterate over the collection and see the values something like this:

my $values = $self->TransactionObj->CustomFieldValues($CF->Name);
while (my $CFV = $values->Next() ) {


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