SV: CustomField Why isn't the description displayed ontickets?

Hi All,

Does no answer on this issue mean that there is no way to get CustomFields description displayed on e.g. tickets?

For now I have chosen to put the ID and the description together into the Name field. Then in the scrip’s where I need the ID, I cut out the ID part from the field.
Is this the way to go?

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Brian Kjelin Olsen
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Sendt: 31. januar 2007 16:16
Emne: [rt-users] CustomField Why isn’t the description displayed ontickets?

Hi all,

On creation of a CustomField fx of type “Select one value”, you can create following information in your values:
Sort, Name, Description and Category. Sort and Category is not relevant for this issue.

In the combobox in the ticket display only “Name” is displayed but not “Description”. Why? Or more relevant… How do I do to display the description along with the name?

My problem is that I thought that I could use Name for my ID values and Desciption to guide the users.

1 Norminal ledger
2 Subscription
3 Advertisement

On the ticket the users can only see 1, 2, 3…

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Brian Kjelin Olsen

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