Survey of users of Debian packages (esp jessie-backports)

Hi, I’m the maintainer of the Debian RT package, and I’d like to hear from anyone using them. In particular, please let me know which version of RT you’re using on which Debian release, whether you are using packages from Debian backports, and any hopes you have for RT packages in the future (in terms of big picture items; individual feature requests/bugs should be filed on the Debian BTS.

At the moment there is a policy issue with being able to supply updated security package for RT 4.2.13 in jessie-backports, because that package is now essentially a fork from Debian stretch, so I am particularly interested to hear who is using those packages. Note that as a result Debian backports have not received updated packages for the recently disclosed security issues.

I am assuming that it would not make sense to try and spend effort in updating the backport to 4.4 at this point (would people even want/expect that?) so it may be that we need to remove the official backport entirely. If that happens, and I know there is interest, I would consider making an unofficial repository to continue to supply RT 4.2.13(+) packages.

Please feel free to contradict my assumption and say that you think jessie-backports should be updated to RT 4.4 too, but since that will be a lot of work I make no promises on that score.

At this stage the same fate may apply to 4.0.19 in wheezy-backports, for anyone still using that, but I haven’t had an official response from the backports team on this yet.