Suppressing 'Status' field in 3.4.4

Since the status field doesn’t do what we want with our workflow, we are
removing the ‘Status’ field from all pages where it is displayed. I
think I have gotten them all, except for the Search page. I managed to
get the one from the ‘Add criteria’ section, but for the life of me I
can’t get it out of the ‘Display Columns’ section. It seems to use
/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap, but I’ve changed that in /opt/rt3/local,
as well as the original source file, and it still shows up. I have
stopped and restarted Apache, so I don’t think it’s that. I have checked
var/mason_data/cache and it’s empty. What am I missing? Is it using a
direct query against the database? I can’t think that it is…