SuperUser right not working?

I’ve placed a few users in a “Management” group and assigned DelegateRights,
ModifyACL and AdminUsers rights to the group. I couldn’t grant rights to
any new users with any user in the group. So I gave the group SuperUser and
still got the same results. I then went and assigned all these rights to
the individual users. It still doesn’t work.

I’m currently running 3.0.2. I know the first response would naturally be
to upgrade, but 3.0.2 has been running smooth as silk for us and we don’t
want to mess with it. However, this sounds like a bug to me. Is it a known
issue with this version? Is there a way to fix it without upgrading at the
current time? Thanks

Mike Frazer
Web Production Support Specialist
IPS Solutions, LLC
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Cell: 302-420-7567