Submitting email into existing ticket

Is there a method for taking an email and submitting it as comment or correspondence within an existing ticket?

without doing to the cut and paste thing!

From your email client you mean?

You need to bounce it but after adding the RT tag in subject unfortunatly, so I see no way doing it easily with a standard MUA.


Where I work we often get people sending emails to individuals, outside of RT, instead of creating new tickets or replying to existing ones.

To work around this I built an extension which allowed you to browse your mailbox from within RT using IMAP, and choose messages to import as if they’d been emailed to RT - either creating a new ticket, or adding them as correspondence to an existing ticket.

That extension has a few problems: I’ve not touched the open-source version of it since RT 3.6.6, it stores your mailbox credentials in your RT session, and it only supports IMAP. So it’s not something I can just point to and say, “try that”.

Having said that, would this sort of thing - pulling a message into RT over IMAP - be useful in your case?