Subject Lines and Difficult Customers


I know most of you will agree this is a management issue, but I'm sort of

lost for alternatives and I could really use some suggestions.
We are using RT2.0.13 on a Dual Celeron 500MHz CPU / 512MB w/RAID 5
(Hardware) Red Hat Linux 7.3 Box (this is probably immaterial for this
discussion, as the problem is a procedural one).
Our customer opens tickets via the mailgate (no web access) into a default
holding queue, which is monitored by a “manager” for appropriate processing
(proper queue, engineer, priority, etc). The problem lies in that the
customer is adamant that we do not change the subject, leaving us with
innumerable instances of non-descriptive phrases we have to wade through
(ex. [No Subject], Re: user, Is it in yet? (yes, that last one was a real
subject)) on the Search/Listing.html and Elements/MyTickets.html pages (it
also makes searching via subject line practically worthless). This also
makes Monthly Reporting a Royal ???.
So, my question is: Would there be anyway using the existing configuration
to create a “Tracking/Working Subject” or separate the ticket originator’s
subject from the “Working” Subject for the duration of the ticket? The
bottom line is I want to see our subject when we use the web interface and I
want the customer to see their original subject in all correspondence, no
matter how “ate up” it is. The ticket number, of course, would remain in the
correspondence subject line (though the customer would prefer it at the
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Really, can anyone understand how it is easier to track (the customer's words are that changing the subject and adding the ticket number makes it "messy" to track) this (this is real, I swear):
than this:


I'm at a loss for words.

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