Subject line getting munged with 3rd party ticketing system (HelpSpot)


We are trying to get our RT system working in conjunction with HelpSpot, the
ticketing system one of our main suppliers has just implemented. There is a
problem whereby one of the systems is deciding to change the subject line,
causing a new ticket to be raised unnecessarily.

The actions taken during the test are as follows:

Query sent to HelpSpot from RT
Subject Line: [support #646306] Test

Reply from HelpSpot
Subject Line: [support #646306] Test {13335}

Received by RT as the following which appears to strip out the reference
generated within the curly brackets
Subject Line: [support #646306] Test

Reply by RT to HelpSpot as the below then generates a new ticket within
HelpSpot as it uses the reference number enclosed within curly brackets.
Subject Line: [support #646306] Test {13336}

I’d like to know which end is causing the subject line to be munged, losing
the reference number in curly braces, and causing extra tickets to be
created. I have to say that it looks like the RT end is causing this.

Can someone tell me why this is happening, and possibly how to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

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As an added extra, we have tested this with a different supplier ticketing
system that doesn’t use the curly braces - “* 999999 *” - and RT is quite
happy to keep this in the subject line.

So it looks more and more like RT is losing the braces and text wihin.

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