Stylesheet typo

Hi again.

share/html/NoAuth/webrt.css has a class BLOCKQUOTE.message, but the only
time a ‘class=“message”’ appears in the html is in
share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction, in a SPAN. So I’ve changed the
BLOCKQUOTE.message to a SPAN.message instead.

Actually I was doing all this to change the font to courier, serif because I
liked the old rt2

 layout, which meant that you could clag sections of
httpd.conf and so forth into your comments and have the formatting
preserved. The trickiness with the automagic text formatting kills all
that, and I can’t see a way to do one or the other without culling a lot of
the ShowTransaction code. So, consider this a feature request to be able to
dump preformatted stuff into a ticket and have the layout preserved.