I have a problem with an rt 3.01 install that I have not been able to solve
and it is driving me a little stir crazy. I will include the previous email
to the list to do with my install attempt but this is also a run down on
what I now think I am facing.

rt 3.01 is all installed and when I use the mailgate from the command line I
can put a message into the queue that I aim it at. The problem comes when I
enter a mail remotely through sendmail I just get an error email back with
the subject “[ #] (_rt_system) RT Error: test” where test was
the original subject.

On this system I had a previous install (rt 1.07) but I didn’t upgrade this
I have done a fresh 3.01 install. What has been suggested though is that
this error email is being generated by the 1.07 install as it is from
_rt_system. But I can not work out how this is possible with the 1.07 and
3.01 mailgates being in different directories and all the references to the
1.07 mailgate commented out in the /etc/aliases file then surely sendmail
must be passing the email onto the right mailgate? and if so then shouldn’t
it work as like from cl and put the email into the queue?

(example of /etc/aliases and system specifications are stated in the
attached mail)

Thanks for any help


forwarded message.eml (4.31 KB)