Structure/Location of RT::IR configuration of LinkedQueuePortlets


I install a vanilla RT 5.0.3, then replace the empty database with an older database from RT 4.4.6 + RT::IR 4.0.3. Finally, I run rt-setup-database --upgrade to make the older database compatible with RT 5.0.3. In the intermediate upgrade step from RT 4.5.5 to RT 4.5.6, I see the following error:

Could not load queue Countermeasures from %LinkedQueuePortlets hash:  (/opt/rt5-poc/local/plugins/RT-IR/lib/RT/IR/

The definition exists but it is found in /opt/rt5-poc/etc/RT_SiteConfig.d/ and looks

Set( %LinkedQueuePortlets, (
    Incidents   => [
        { 'Incident Reports'  => [ 'All' ] },
        { Investigations      => [ 'All' ] },
        { Countermeasures     => [ 'All' ] },

Is there a problem in the structure of the definition itself and/or the location where it is defined?

The saga continues with RT 5.0.3, an extract from /opt/rt5-poc/var/log/rt5.log says:

[2885818] [Fri Mar  3 09:10:51 2023] [error]: Could not load queue Countermeasures from %LinkedQueuePortlets hash:  (/opt/rt5-poc/local/plugins/RT-IR/lib/RT/IR/
[2885818] [Fri Mar  3 09:10:51 2023] [warning]: Lifecycle blocks is missing in %Lifecycles config at /opt/rt5-poc/sbin/../lib/RT/ line 645. (/opt/rt5-poc/sbin/../lib/RT/

We’ve disabled the Countermeasures queue before the db upgrade from 4.4.6 to 5.0.3 so logically we do not have/need a blocks lifecycle either.

An example of a syntactically correct LinkedQueuePortlets definition would be appreciated. A way of disabling its use altogether would also do.

Started over the process again from the original RT 4.2.12 + RT::IR 3.2.1 database. This time around I left the Blocks queue enabled. The database upgrade now succeeds by making an intermediate stop at RT 4.4.6 + RT::IR 4.0.3 and then running rt-setup-database --upgrade under RT 5.0.3. Thus, there’s no errors saying “Could not load queue Countermeasures …” Countermeasures being the successor of Blocks.

Still, running RT 5.0.3 in debug mode outputs warnings like the below for each queue:

[warning]: Nonexistant status stalled in default in default -> investigations lifecycle map at /mnt/local/data1/opt/rt5-poc/sbin/../lib/RT/ line 741. (/mnt/local/data1/opt/rt5-poc/sbin/../lib/RT/

I’ve removed all references to the stalled status (we don’t need it) in the LifeCycles configuration to no avail. Is this status something that can’t/shouldn’t be removed/disabled?