Strange results in content search


I am looking to find all tickets with a specific string, the string is a URL that references a file server where we store attachments that are too large for RT. It is a simple URL in the body of a ticket.

I create a search that it literally nothing more than:

Content LIKE ''

and I get 178 tickets back, but none of them have that string in the content.

Any suggestions what I am missing?

Ooops! It’s happening to me too. I’m testing RT and I’ve done the following tests:

  • Searching for a random nonexistent string returns no result: OK.
  • I added this single line comment in a ticket:
  • Searching by “www” returns one result as expected (no other ticket has the string www). OK
  • Searching by “” returns nothing. What …? I’ve tested with/without single/double quotes, escaping the dot, etc. No results.
  • Searching by “” returns 22 tickets… Why? only one ticket contains that string.

I’m sure I’m missing something crucial about search syntax, but it’s not intuitive. I’ve been googling for a while without luck.

RT 5.0.5
Full indexing activated in PG.