Strange mail problems


I have upgraded rt from 3.0.10 to 3.4.2 on a test system. on that system
everything works fine! the only problem on the system was the performance.
so i installed rt on a better pc without changing the configuration i made
for the previous installation on the test system. on the new system
everything works fine except the mailing. if a ticket is opened or resolved
the owner oder the admincc don’t get mail as the would from the test system!
i have compared the of both systems and the user/group rights.
i don’t see any differences!

if i resolve a ticket on the test system i see in the ticket’s history:

Mon Jun 06 08:20:13 2005 RT_System - Outgoing email recorded


But I don’t get a message like that on the other system!
I have no idea where I can seek for the failure.

best regards,

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