StockAnswers dropdown format

Dear List,

When working with StockAnswers (v 0.2, but 1.0pre3 has the same code)
I have been unable to get the drop-down style to work.
And with the pop-up style, i can get to my content StockAnswers, but
no pop-up occurs, I must click the link.

When testing with the popup version I can click on the link created by

[<& /Ticket/StockAnswersLink, Queue => $Ticket->QueueObj->Name,
Text=>“Stock Answers” &>]

which links my content in a new window, but the window won’t auto-pop, which I
thought it was going to do.

And when working with the drop-down style that this line created:

<& /Ticket/Elements/ShowStockAnswers, Queue => $Ticket->QueueObj->Name &>

also in Update.html, I get a 1-element drop-down window in which says
"Stock answers…" (from Elements/ShowStockAnswers) but there is nothing
under this, and I’ve been unable to get a window to pop, or for my
StockAnswers content (in templates/global) to show up in the drop-down list.

Anyone have the time to help me out with potential ideas, I am obviously
not javascript/html literate enough to solve, though I might get lucky

In the archives or wiki this hasn’t been covered, at least from hours
of checking/reading. I might have missed, but not for lack of trying.

Thanks much for your patience,