Still getting my Zero Sized Reply

Ok, I have everything to the point where I can call
and everything seems to work fine from that end now…
ie: it gives no errors, creates a log file etc etc.

However whenever I hit the web page, whether it is RT’s index.html file, or a test one I created it returns a “Zero Sized Reply”, same as before.
I just don’t get it… everything is right
Well obviously not, but it all looks pretty right as rain.
The only thing I can see that is slightly odd is that everytime I request the page the request shows up 11 times in the apache access logs…

Any clues guys?

System Info:
Red Hat linux 7.1
RT 2.0.1
Perl 5.6.1
mod_perl 1.25
testdeps checks out fine


I really related to that movie “clueless”… I love Prada too!