Status on custom Queue not change

Hello guys, i have a question about status changing.

When i have a new Incident report, someone click on take and open a incident, RTIR will link de IR with the incident and the IR will change is status to open.

I created a custom queue with incident_report lifecycle and when i open a incident from incident report on that custom queue, the Incident Report doesn’t change the status to open.

any suggestions?


Is “open” an “initial” status or “active” status in your lifecycle?

open is an ‘active’ status

There is the scrip “On Correspond Open Inactive Tickets” which handles changing the status, so if you’re not sending an email out that automation won’t happen

But in this case I’m using opening a Incident from a Incident Report. In that case this works. In custom queues no.

Does the first example send an email when you perform that action? Maybe on the custom queues it doesn’t have a watcher to send an email to?

No, both tickets from Incident Report and the other custom queue are created via API.

Seems RTIR has this scrip “On Linking To Incident Activate Report” maybe it needs to be applied to your new queue?

Thanks @knation :slight_smile: That script was only applied to the IR queue.