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Subject: Status of Oracle port

After all the changes I’ve given you here is what works. There still
may be warning messages and nonfatal errors but the data is stored
in the database and can be retrieved.

rtq -queue
rtq -owner
rtq -open
rtq -resolved
rtq -stalled
rtq -dead

rt -create
rt -resolve
rt -open
rt -stalled
rt -show
rt -due
rt -comment
rt -respond
rt -prio
rt -finalprio
rt -notify

rtadmin queue -create <queue_name>
- complaint about MailOwnerOnTransaction Unimplemented
- queue is still created

Does not appear to work (No error messages but no output either)
all of the rtadmin listacl options (queue, user, global)
Definitely does not work (many error messages, uninitialized variables, etc)
rtq -prio

all of the rtadmin user options (enable, disable, create, modify)
rtadmin queue -modify <queue_name>
	- Error Message: Couldn't load the queue called <queue_name>
rtadmin queue -delete <queue_name>

rt -subject <queue num>

If the function is not mentioned here I have not tested it.


Dave Morgan
Senior Database Administrator
Internet Barter Inc.

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