Stats Package

I just got around to installing the stats package. Everything appears to be
working, except when I go to the “Number of tickets resolved per queue per
day” page. When I go there, I see a dialog prompting me to accept an ssl
certificate. I looked in the CallsMultiqueue.html file, and found the

% my $url = ‘[’;
% $url .= join “,”, @{ shift @data };
% $url .= ‘]&’;
% $url .= ‘set_legend=[’.(join “,”, @legend)."]&";
% for (0…$#data) {
% $url .= “data”.(1+$)."=[".(join “,”, @{$data[$]})."]&";
% }
% chop $url;

It looks like someone forgot to change
to "$RT::WebURL.’/chart?type=lines&x_labels"

Russ Johnson

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