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On a general note, What’s the status with RT2?
I know the alpha was realeased just before I went on holidays, so I haven’t
gotten to play with it yet.
I believe it includes an Oracle port, and that PostgreSQL support is just
around the overdue corner, but I’ve been off-list.

Jesse, and updates?

Well, 1.3.18 was “Alpha 1” Immediately upon releasing Alpha 1, I made incompatible changes which destabilized things a bit. The names of a number of fields
in the schema were changed so as to not clobber SQL keywords in various databases.

Ivan contributed some code to autogenerate database schema from a set of perl arrays of hashes. This means that we’ll no longer have to maintain seperate database schemas for each database we want to support. As might be imagined, this destabilized things quite a bit for a while. initdb.$(DBNAME) was replaced witha generic initdb that is much more database-agnostic.

I believe that the schema is now much more solid and am declaring a SCHEMA SLUSH for RT 2.0. The only changes will be for things that are just absolutely
broken or in instances where we discover that we’re using a reserved word.

Ivan’s been working on the postgres port and is said to be making gooood progress :slight_smile:

I took the initial data that was being inserted with SQL insert statements
and it’s now inserted by way of the RT API…which means that more sane defaults
get enforced and that futzing with that data will be easier.

I’ve been doing some work on the ACLs and trying to get that to the point whereit would be safe to deploy RT2 with users whom you don’t trust as the RT administrator. On top of that, I’ve been hacking on the web-based ACL editor.

The instability introduced by the schema changes appears to have been shaken
out and we’ll be rolling 1.3.19 as soon as the latest DBIx::DBSchema propagates
throughout CPAN. While 1.3.19 isn’t a milestone release, I think people
will find it to be usable for some of their needs.



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