Standalone httpd works but not fcgi, suspect cpan install location


Today i’m trying to install RT 4.2.11 on CentOS 7, I read the README and
installed all the dependancies, now testdeps comes back all found and
running the standalone httpd server works fine.

However I am trying to get Apache to serve the RT under fcgi. I have
configured the Virtualhost as described in the README.

However when I visit the site through apache I get an error 500, and in the
error_log are lots of perl errors looking for various Perl modules.

However I believe that cpan has just installed all the modules in
/root/perl5 instead of in a system wide location, The standalone httpd
server seems to work okay because I run it as root, however the Apache
server runs as apache and therefore does not see the cpan installed modules.

I have zero experience with perl and cpan. Is there a way I can get CPAN
to perhaps install the modules in /usr/lib or a system wide location?