Speed Up Idead, redisign help design is need


Currently, due to amount of tickets we have peformace troubles with rt.
We try 3.4.4 and 3.6.0.

One of problems is, that showing search query result take a lot of time.
(Showing queue’s is hidden seach request).

We analyze how search work.
Look’s like it make complex sql request to DB to receive Tickets
and after this, make number of simple sql request, for example to
determine Requester or Owner name.

Our Ideas is:

Due to Oracle, Postgress, MySQL currently can be extender by Custom
we can use more complex request to SQL DB, end extending, for example, class

For example by calculated attribute.

To Class RT::Ticket we add attribute ‘OwnerName’.

There are now field ‘OwnerName’ on table tickets, but when we
filling attributes of RT::Ticket we use SQL request like next one

select *,GetOwnerNameByID(id) ‘OwnerName’ from Tickets
where (Some_Condition)

As a result by running one complex request we
receive more information about ticked.

I agree that not always all information about ticket is needed,
but at many situation one cycle (prepare sql + run sql + fetch result)
of complex request
is more cheaply chipper than n-times cycles (prepare sql + run sql +
fetch result) of simple request.

And now my question, can some body help with RT + SearchBuilder metodology
how to realize theme I propose, to save a bit my time ?

p.s. I promise that all code will be publicly available…