Speed rt5 after upgrade from rt 4.4.3

I’ve migrated to a new virtual server from RT 4.4.3 to RT Version 5.0.1.
Users are happy but say that the ticket loads but they are unable to start working on the ticket right away.
It seems like there is a long delay until they can modify anything.
Any suggestions.
Virtual servers have same specs
16GB ram
ubuntu 20.10
apache 2
any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks in advance,

We had similar speed issues after upgrading from 4.4 to 5.0, and it turned out to be a DB issue (we use PG) that was resolved with VACUUM and ANALYZE. I know next to nothing about MySQL but maybe an OPTIMIZE TABLE would help. RT has the ability to log your SQL statements and see what’s going on - RT Config - RT 5.0.1 Documentation - Best Practical

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Thank you - I’ll look at mysql tuning
I’ve seen various mentions of adding indexes not sure if anything like that is necessary.
This install has 49 custom fields per ticket
Not sure if that is relevant.

Pull the browser developer tools and verify with network tab what happening when you load the page,
this should give a clue if this is a server side problem or client side.

Also I had some cases where a miss config of the queue permission pulled (and populated) the ticket owner with all the users/requestor in the DB, as some one allowed to any one to be a ticket owner.

here is a snapshot from my personal notes on this case,

In the past I tweaked RT index’s based on the “mysql slowlog” output, which you can also try.
(but don’t start from this)

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