Spanish translation

I’ve been using RT some months and I love it. Now I was
going to allow some of my customers the access to RT.
I give the bare minimal grants so they can see only their
tickets. Some of the messages are not translated, so I’m
willing to help with this issue. I’m fluent with Mason and
Perl so I tried, but I’m stuck now.

I checked the es.po file and it’s quite finished and well
done. I found out the strings that are missing are not there.

“Open tickets” , “Closed tickets” “New ticket” in the left
menu are in english. The same happens to “My abierto tickets”,
this should be “Mis tickets abiertos”. When I use it from
a privileged user, the menus and text are translated, but
it needs a little housekeeping for the unprivileged users.

I started with the “My status ticket” thingie. I think it
comes from the string @ACTIVE_STATUS in I
followed it until

Then I’m a little stuck. Someone could give me a hint about
what to do next? Is there an easier way to do this ?
Maybe I should look in the mason Components.
I’ve never messed a po file, I’m going wrong or what ?