Sorting on custom fields: still broken?

My client is running a customized RT 3.6.1 and they’re unable to sort
searches by a custom field. I went poking around the list archives in
June and found that people using the then-current version of RT were
reporting the same woes. I noticed that a fancy new RT has come along
but didn’t notice any comments to the list or in the changelog that
seemed to directly address this behavior.

Can anyone comment on whether sorting search results by a custom field
is working in the current version of RT?

Tim Smith


We are testing 3.6.4 and have NOT been able to get the sort by a custom 

field (let alone MORE than 1) to work. We have not heard of an expected
fix date either.


Timothy Smith wrote:

Kenn,On Aug 8, 2007, at 12:55 PM, Kenneth Crocker wrote:

We have not heard of an expected fix date either.

We don’t generally promise fixes for things to non-customers.
(Verified security issues are, of course, an exception.) It’s one of
the few things we actually charge money for ;).
But if you can put together a failing test and a patch, I’d love to
see it.



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We're not upset or expecting something to be done just for us. We just 

feel that customers and “non-customers” alike would appreciate a fix on
a publicized feature that isn’t working. We can wait. We’ll just tell
our users to not use it and expect it to work. No problema. Thanks for
the info though.


Jesse Vincent wrote: