Some questions

We are new users of RT - and so far it looks real good…

However, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Has anyone done any modifications of RT in order to add an
    inventory database to it? It would be really great to be
    able to track problems pertaining to a specific computer, and
    not only obnoxious users :slight_smile:

    Could be a simple as another table in the database and some web
    pages where you add comments about the inventory ID number, or something.

  2. Are there any users out there willing to share their setups? There
    seems to be many ways one can use this, and some might be smarter
    than others…

    I’m thinking of issues like one queue/multiple queues, how to
    configure Watchers in a good way, what Scrips to use and when…

    Our situation is (probably very similar to many other users):

    Computer Support group (5-6 people).
    People send today problem reports/requests to one mailing list
    that all sysadmins read (and noone acts upon :slight_smile:
    We have problems in a couple of categories (Sun, PC, Mac, Printers)
    All sysadmins act as both the “front line” and the backend…

    How should one set this up to work best?

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