Some questions / ideas

Lo everyone,

Just some questions / ideas… Help, feedback and discussions would be

In the user/group rights… Will it be possible for a new option. Resolve
Ticket? Basically, I want a set of engineers working on a ticket, and only
have a AdminCC be able to close/resolve a ticket after confirmation has been
received from the requestor that the ticket has in fact been resolved to
their satisfaction… I do not feel it is necessary to annoy a AdminCC to
change any status in a ticket however (such as open / dead / etc), and thus
I still want the engineer to be able to change the status of the ticket
himself, but not to be able to resolve it… Perhaps add another “level” for
the status of a ticket?

Secondly, with the SeeQueue right, howcome a user cannot view the queue
through listing.html if he does not also have the ViewTicket right? Here, I
want to work towards a scenario where a ticket must first be owned before it
can be viewed. However, for a user to “take” the ticket, the listing of the
tickets must be visible through listing.html for them to take the ownership.
Yet, listing.html refuses to show the queue regardless of the SeeQueue
right, and hence the only way I can do this is to allow everyone to view
everyone else’s tickets… This, in my books can breach confidentiality and
hence I want to try and avoid this…

Also, is there a way to automatically open a ticket when it is taken?