Small patch to Time::ParseDate that lets you parse "day of week before last"

(CCing RT-users because it’s the genesis of my frustration and someone
else likely has the same want)

David -
Thanks for the useful perl module! Per your perldoc request
“Please feed useful changes back”… attached please find a diff.

    I keep needing to run reports in RT ( which

uses Time::ParseDate to interpret relative dates. The reports I need to
run are for last week, i.e. the time period starting a week ago sunday
and ending last sunday. I’d like to save it as a search instead of
manually entering the date for “a week ago sunday” but parsedate doesn’t
seem to understand that, even though it does grok “after next” which is
similar in nature.

    This is a patch that allows the use of "before last" in the same

way as “after next”.

RT-users: It lets me save a search that’ll generate my report by
specifying a date range beginning on “Sunday before last” and ending on
“last Sunday”.


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parsedate-beforelast.diff (1.19 KB)