Slowness RT 5.0.3


After upgrading our Request Tracker instance from 4.2.8 to 5.0.3 we are facing slowness in loading ticket history. Every time we open a ticket it takes over 20 seconds per ticket.

After a deep analysis we found that if we change the value of “Use autocomplete to find owners” from No to Yes, the ticket history loading time is reduced to 1-2 seconds. It has to been mentioned that if this option is changed to Yes, it is no longer possible to change the owner of the tickets in the main dashboard.

The Database is an external 5.7 mysql database (cloud) so is not hosted on the RT machine as well. The data from the database that use RT has been truncated, so is not a disk issue. The database resource are correct, so was no the problem.

Has anyone faced this issue? Is any other option to improve the slowness?

Hi Josue,

The slowness is caused by the need to populate the widget with all possible owners. You must have a large number of possible owners. In our use, for the queues that had restricted numbers of owners, populating the dropdown was not slow and users could set their preferences to turn off the autocomplete of the users. For other queues with many possible owners, they needed to enable the autocomplete for owners to have the tickets render in a reasonable amount of time. You also need to remember, that this is new functionality in RT5, RT4 did not have it at all. It is all trade-offs. If you can partition your ownership, you can reduce the impact. In our environment, it was caused by our initial configuration 20 years ago in which everyone was expected to see any ticket at anytime. :frowning: