Slow to add comments and replies

RT is decently quick for me when moving around from ticket-to-ticket and screen-to-screen within a ticket. However, when I submit a Comment or Reply, it loads a blank page for a minute or more and then displays the ticket. The browser animation shows it as still loading that page. I’m not sure what it causing the hang. Any advice?

Every time? I have experience with this issue when I do some extensive search. That blocks all other connections within current browser with RT webserver (Apache?) till the query is not executed and displayed. Even in other panels.

Yes, it seems to be every time. Or at least the vast majority of occasions.

This is a long shot, but could it be because I didn’t compile MPM into Apache 2.4? Or something with mod_perl2’s settings? Or a setting in MySQL? I admit, I’m just guessing and probably way off.