Slow answering a ticket


I have a rt 5.01 on my server. And other sendmail relay server on the same lan, in order to send all the emails.
My rt works fine and pretty decent on speed. But wehen i answer a ticket, that involve send user email. Cost almost 10 seconds to complete it. If i close more that 5 tickets on the same time, that involve mail answer, the web of rt hangs.

Any help?
Kindest Regards.

Do you run an MTA on the RT server? If not, try putting one on there that will then relay to the other sendmail machine on you LAN. That way RT only has to deliver mail locally to your MTA and that can then do the queuing, transmission, etc of the messages the sendmail macine.

No, the Sendmail is in other server on the same lan with 1GB conection. I will check, but the other mta. I will check with logs if it´s a delay betwen rt and mta. But i use this relay server for other mail task and works very fine.

But when i update a ticket i have to wait several seconds. if rt have to send the mail. If not mail envolved works perfect.
With my old RT 4, on the same MTA config, work better.