Slightly unusual question regarding mail spools

So I am on my second incarnation of rt being setup on an ubuntu box and now
I seem to have an interesting issue. 9.10 with some updates using a manual
force command to get the tracker working gets this issue

/etc/aliases has

rt: “|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ‘General’ --action correspond --url

I used cat /var/spool/mail/rt | /usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue General
–action correspond --url http://localhost/rt/

now this is on a system where just for fun I gave it maximum rights for
everyone and everything (not connected to the internet of course) and not
only did only the first ticket get processed but the ticket was just left
there so the first email int he user for the rt instance just got processed
again and again and again

IIRC this is not the behavior of the system when piped manually maybe 6
months ago

However when I manually delete the one message it will go onto the next
again only that one message at the “top” of the spool.

Also when trying to invoke this command even from root it gets a 403
forbidden only on the user “rt”.

Thanks in advance for the guidance :slight_smile: