SLA - Stopped Clock


We are trying to get the SLA module to ‘stop the clock’ when a ticket goes into a status out of control

    Levels => {
        'P1' => {
            Starts => { BusinessMinutes => 0 },
            Response => { BusinessMinutes => 30},
            Resolve => {
                BusinessMinutes => 60 * 4,
                ExcludeTimeOnIgnoredStatuses => 1,
                IgnoreOnStatuses => ['Awaiting_Customer', 'Pending_Closure', 'SC_Supplier', 'MBORC', 'Scheduled_Change']
            BusinessHours => 'TNPHours',

While things operate correctly when a ticket goes into one of the ignored statuses and the due date is unset. When it comes out of an ignored status, the due date comes back to it’s original date and doesn’t add on the time which the ticket was spent waiting. We want the clock to be stopped when waiting so that the due date increases by the time spent waiting.

Is it possible to achieve this?

If you don’t have ExcludeTimeOnIgnoredStatuses set, do you get the same behaviour?