SLA need to set when due date is changed manually in request tracker

Requirement Detail:

Let us assume we have THREE queues, by default newly created ticket will sit in Queue1 and there is SLA set for 5 days. After 5 days it will move to Queue2. Again there is SLA set for 3 days. So After 3 days in Queue2, the ticket will move to Queue3. All these happen based on the TICKET CREATE DATE. Requirement here is irrespective to the TICKET CREATE DATE, the ticket from QUEUE2 SHOULD go to QUEUE3 after 3 days of being in QUEUE2. So how to change the SLA configuration to not to see the CREATE DATE and it should see QUEUE ENTRY DATE

Hello everyone,

I am eagerly awaiting updates and feedback. If anyone has any insights or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!


Hello everyone,

Is there any possibility to change the due date based on QUEUE ENTRY DATE.

As you can probably tell from the silence, I think the answer is that out of the box RT just bases SLA progress on the ticket creation date.

You could change this with your own locally written SLA module, and this thread might be of some help. They were moving through SLAs by ticket status changes, but there is some information in there about changing from ticket creation date (in their case to the last status change transaction time).

If you’re not a coder, Best Practical do say in their blog post about SLA that they’re open to contracts to get it to handle specific use cases.