Skip owner notification for certain users (owners)

We have certain users in our system, which do not need to get certain
type of notifications, for example On Owner Change, we do not want
Notify Owner for certain owners.

There is a standard Script which works fine:

 Description: On Owner Change Notify Owner
 Condition: On Owner Change
 Action: Notify Owner
 Template: Transaction

As I said, this works fine, but for all owners. We want to skip this
Scrip for some owners.

I put this into Custom condition:

 my $owner = $self->TicketObj->Owner;
 $RT::Logger->info('SCRIP: Owner change detected: ID '.$owner);
 if ($owner == 12) {
   return 0;
  return 1;

But it seems to have no effect. I think this Custom condition works only
for “User Defined” actions. Then how can I define some conditions for
system-wide actions like “Notify Owner”?



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