Simplifying update history view for tickets?

Hello all,
The last major complaint, at least for now, that users are giving me is
regarding the ticket view. They want to know if I can modify it in a few

First, no one wants to see this email-like text, and would much rather it
simply be a list of who said what and when. Instead of offering to show
quoted text, showing things like “text/HTML 41B”, offering download links
with and without headers, and all that, they just want a simple list.
Basically, it should look more like a forum conversation than an archived
email conversation. This extends to the reply text field; why does it
include the original text? Other admins, who are training the rest of the
company, have told users to be sure to delete the original text when
replying in an attempt to cut down on some of the clutter.

In my mind, such a rule should be unnecessary. There should be a way to get
rid of the unused links, and to not have so many email-like “features”
crowding the ticket information page. So much about RT can be so
customized, that I have to think doing this is possible.

On a similar topic, I asked a while back about emailed replies, and how
they always include signatures from the sender, quoted text, and sometimes
all the text, not realizing some should be quoted. Is there a way to have
RT add the content of an email to a ticket, but stop at a special cut-off
line? On the line “–reply above this line”, for instance, RT should simply
discard the rest of the email and include only the text above that line as
the reply text.

Finally, is there a way to sort the order of the ticket view’s major
sections? For instance, to put Quick Links and Dates below History? Most of
our users will want to view the history first, and/or want easy access to
the Reply button, but as it stands now, all of that is at the very bottom
of the page.

Thanks in advance, as always, for your patience and ideas.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department