Shredding Attachments by Queue/Date Range


I was wondering if anyone had worked out a solution to shred attachments
based on queue/date range. I would really like to implement different
retention policies for different queues. Unfortunately, I’m not able to
do this with the default shredder parameters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Scott

The attached script may get you started. It shreds all tickets in a named
queue “SPAM-Shredder” that are older than 7 days (it takes todays date via
POSIX and compares it to the LastUpdated field for the ticket and gets the
queue via RT::Ticket->LimitQueue). You should be able to modify it to work
with attachments as the shredder API seems to have the necessary bits: e.g
RT::Shredder::Plugin::Attachments and RT::Shredder::Attachments.

It runs from /opt/rt3/local/bin

Hope it helps


shred_tickets.rtf (1.59 KB)