Shredder Indexes

I’m just curious if the Indexes recommended by the old RTx-Shredder-0.07
documentation are still recommended, I would assume yes unless the
queries have changed. I know a few were added to the default schema, but
there’s a couple others. I’m just wondering since the indexes can be
rather large and take up quite a bit of memory if you want to cache them
in the memory buffer. I’m guessing some may be redundant with MySQL
5.x’s index_merge…

CREATE INDEX SHREDDER_TXN1 ON Transactions(ReferenceType, OldReference);
CREATE INDEX SHREDDER_TXN2 ON Transactions(ReferenceType, NewReference);
CREATE INDEX SHREDDER_TXN3 ON Transactions(Type, OldValue);
CREATE INDEX SHREDDER_TXN4 ON Transactions(Type, NewValue);