Shredder Error - Question

I have been testing the Shredder module in RT and have not been able to wipe the limit requested. I ran the following command:
./rt-shredder --force --plugin ‘Tickets=query,Created < “2016-9-17 20:34:26”;limit,10000’

But only 9,247 tickets were shredded. I was wondering if anyone had some insight on why this is happening? There are a total of 800,000 tickets created before 2016-9-17. Therefore it is not an issue of enough tickets to be shredded.

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Hi Oliz

How many tickets have you got? Could it be your limit is larger than the number of tickets that match there criteria?


As you have 800,000 tickets that should be available for shredding, I wonder if you’re hitting some sort of memory/resource limit. If you change the limit to something lower (say 5000) do you still fail to meet it?