Shredder deletes ticket when used to delete user with replace_relations


I tried the shredder in RT 3.8.6 to delete a user and used replace_relations.
After that I found out that an ticket was deleted.

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  • create user userA (id is 22)
  • create user userB (id is 24)
  • login with userA and create ticket (id is 1)
  • login with userB and create ticket (id is 2)
  • go to shredder UI and insert this:
    ** Select plugin: User
    ** Status: any
    ** Name: userB
    ** replace_relation: 22

Expected result: user 24 is deleted and Created and LastUpdated of ticket 2 changed from user 24 to 22

Actual result: user 24 is deleted and ticket 2 is deleted

Also the dump file is wrong because the sql insert for ticket 2 has for
Created and LastUpdated user 22 and not 24.

Attached is the dump file.


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20091126T164911-0001.sql (11.3 KB)