ShowRequestor hurts performace on RT 3.0.9 (and earlier)

Hi folks,

We’ve noticed some major slowness, which we hoped would be solved by
upgrading to RT3 along with significantly beefing up the server it was
on. After a lot of planning we did these upgrades, only to be greeted
by time measured in minutes to open tickets. 3.0.9 helped, but it was
still a painfully slow process.

The incremental loading of 3.0.9 did show us one thing - that it was the
ShowRequestor box’s previous ticket display that was causing the slowdown.

I commented out line 69 of html/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary (the line
that includes ShowRequestor) and sure enough, the time take to display
tickets has fallen from minutes to a couple of seconds.

Is there a fundamental problem with this Element or is it just that the
SQL queries it performs really do take ages?

Daniel Foster
Technical Director